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During this retreat you will experience a life balance reboot. The three pillars of life we will be focusing on are relationships, health and wealth. We will be clearing and cleansing any blockages that you may have picked up along the way in life.


  1. We uphold all standards when it comes to boundaries. Know that this is a safe space and you do not have to share anything if you choose not to!

  2. All food is prepared onsite and we have intuitive knowledge of what your body might be lacking or needs.

  3. The home is privately owned and is cleaned to hotel standards.

  4. This is a place for you to grow and learn  more about yourself. If at any time you feel you are not benefiting from the experience please let us know right away.


We provide the tools you will need for this experience. However you need to bring your own clothing and personal items. However we suggest you bring the following items.

  1. Comfortable clothing such as yoga wear, athleisure wear or your comfy clothing. Jeans are not best suitable for this retreat.

  2. Swimsuit and towel if you choose to go into the hot tub or pool.

  3. We will NOT be providing samples of toiletries so please bring your own personal items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, shampoo, etc.

  4. Flip flops, sandals or slip on shoes that can be slipped off as we will be doing grounding techniques in the grass.

  5. You may bring your own journal however; we will be providing you with materials for journaling.


This whole retreat has a low impact on the physical body. The style of yoga is Kundalini meditation only.

Overview & Purpose

Time is TBD


Spiritually Bold Grounding Studio

Tantra for self love

I look forward to holding space for all of you on this beautiful night. May this bless you on your path. May the divine feminine move through you.

Tantra for self love
Tantra for self love

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Spiritually Bold Grounding Studio, 7755 E. Redfield Road suite 100 Scottsdale, Arizona

About the Event

Hello beautiful souls, I want to welcome you to this self love tantra workshop. This was created from my personal journey while I was coaching others through the art of tantra. I used these techniques on myself to fall madly deeply in love with me, upgrade my life and heal from past trauma.     We can’t fully love or be loved until we unconditionally love ourselves. Learn to communicate with the universe to live a magical life full of wonder and inspiration.  Notice how the world begins to respond to you when you honor yourself….. notice your relationships with others change. As you heal yourself, it creates a ripple to all of those near you. Come dressed in what makes you feel beautiful. Come with your heart open. Come as you are. Come with your stories of what you’ve already overcome. Come to be witnessed as a divine being of light. I look forward to holding space for all of you on this beautiful night. May this bless you on your path. May the divine feminine move through you.


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